Voco X-Tra Fil


Packaging :

X-Tra Fil Syringe 5g:

  • 1 x 5g X-tra fill Syringe

X-Tra Fil Caps 20 x 0.25g:

  • 20 x 0.25 g Caps
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 Description :

Light-curing posterior filling material

Curing depth 4 mm

Curing time only 10 s

Universal shade

Long-lasting and economic

Reduced working time, especially in combination with any Futurabond SingleDose adhesive

Easy handling

Excellent physical properties

Additional information

Voco X-Tra Fil

Voco X-Tra Fil Syringe 5g, Voco X-Tra Fil Caps 20 x 0.25g