Wizdent Secure GI Fill Extra 9


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1 15g Powder, 7ml Liquid 10.2020

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A fast setting, aesthetic GI restorative especially designed for minimally invasive dentistry

It bonds chemically and has a wide range of applications, making it a universal solution for dental practice. It’s easy handling with a simple one-step placement makes it an ideal material for patients of all ages. It releases fluoride thereby prevents plaque build-up and reduces secondary caries.


Class I and Class II restorations in deciduous teeth

Non-stress bearing Class I & II restorations in permanent teeth

Class III and Class V restorations

Core build up


Superior aesthetics with high translucency

Unique bridge shade concept minimises inventory and simplifies shade selection.

Minimal pulpal irritation due to low solubility & excellent biocompatibility

Chemical bonding, low solubility & minimal shrinkage ensures excellent marginal integrity


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