Systemp.desensitizer Ivoclar


Key Specifications
  • Storage temperature: 2 – 28°C / 36 – 82°F.

 Packaging :

  1 x  5 g


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Systemp.desensitizer may reduce the sensitivity to pain by up to 50%, both during the temporary phase and the subsequent placement of the final restoration.

Systemp.desensitizer is suitable for use in temporary restorations, for conventional cementation of direct and indirect restorations, as a re-wetting agent in conjunction with adhesives and if exposed tooth necks or eroded areas are present.

Systemp.desensitizer does not affect the bonding properties of the subsequently applied restorative, luting or temporary materials.

Advantages :

  • Reduction of sensitivity
  • Short application time: Brushing for only 10 seconds is all it takes to apply the material; light-curing is unnecessary.
  • Broad range of indications
  • No interaction with other treatment materials