Kulzer Charisma Diamond

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The nano-hybrid composite Charisma Diamond expands the boundaries of aesthetics, quality and performance. It provides all the exceptional properties you expect from such an aesthetic state-of-the-art composite

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The Charisma Diamond chemistry: 

A patented matrix and newly developed nano-hybrid filler system result in improved aesthetics, durability and handling. This means minimum shrinkage and shrinkage stress, very smooth surface, high resilience and optimised surface hardness.

The Charisma Diamond versatility: 

Charisma Diamond adapts to the colour of the surrounding tooth structure for an outstandingly natural look. What’s more, the Charisma Diamond layering technique is a distinct aesthetic advantage and ensures virtually undetectable restorative margins. You easily achieve very good results with single shade technique for simple cases and excellent results using the multi-layer technique.

97 reviews for Kulzer Charisma Diamond

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