Coltene Swissflex Kit


SwissFlex Mandrel for RA Pack = 3 pcs. SwissFlex Strip coarse medium = 20 pcs. SwissFlex Strip fine-ultrafine = 20 pcs. SwissFlex Disc coarse grift large = 25 pcs. SwissFlex Disc coarse grift small = 25 pcs. SwissFlex Disc medium grift large Pack = 25 pcs

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  • The super thin DIATECH SwissFlex foil Discs and Strips are ideally suited for interproximal preparations and offer excellent access to the tooth surface. Since both sides of the discs are covered with abrasive particles, your work is more efficient. No time intensive changes are required.
  • The specially developed mandrel offers two essential advantages: it is covered in order to prevent damage or discoloration on the tooth and provides higher efficiency since slippage is avoided.
  • All four grit sizes are color coded according to the most commonly use diamond grit sizes.
  • SwissFlex Discs and Strips are easy to handle and used for contouring, finishing and polishing composite, amalgam, glass ionomer cement, semi-precious metal and precious metal.