ROEKO GuttaFlow® bioseal



5 min.


12 – 16 min.

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Bioactive obturation material

With GuttaFlow bioseal, COLTENE is launching an intelligent obturation material onto the market that can do more than seal and fill the root canal. Upon contact with fluids, the bioactive material provides natural repair constituents such as calcium and silicates. It also activates biochemical processes that provide additional support for regeneration in the root canal. The idea is remarkably simple: after curing, the new GuttaFlow bioseal forms hydroxylapatite crystals on the surface. The crystals significantly improve adhesion and also stimulate natural triggers, especially the regeneration of bone and dentine tissue. Using this catalytic effect helps both ENDO experts and novices create long-lasting solutions for their patients, thus constituting a further breakthrough on the way to optimum endodontic treatment. To date only dental materials such as MTA or bioglass have exhibited similar regenerative and supportive properties. However, the major disadvantages of these materials involved the long curing time and complicated handling. As with the proven GuttaFlow 2 system, GuttaFlow bioseal also combines free-flow gutta-percha with an appropriate sealer at room temperature.