Medicept Hemostat Clear Gel


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Hemostat Clear

Proven 25% aluminum chloride formula rapidly eliminates minor bleeding. Clear Hemostat Gel is a uniquely viscous and colorless 25% aluminum chloride gel. Recommended for anterior restorations, it effectively eliminates minor bleeding without leaving trace residue or staining hard and/or soft tissue.


  • For use of temporary hemostasis of the gingival margin during dental procedures
  • For use in the esthetic zone to prevent coagulum and hemostatic residue from adhering to restorations
  • Features & Benefits:
Colorless – Will not leave a colored residue after procedures in     esthetic zone
Viscous – Non-dripping
– Stays in place yet spreads easily
Aluminum Chloride – Stops minor bleeding in a controlled field
Optimal delivery – Convenient and precise placement eliminates  waste
– Less mess than with other systems

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5 ml Syringe

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