Ivoclar Tetric N-Ceram Refill


Key Specifications
  • Storage temperature: 2-28 °C (36-82 °F)
  • 1 x 3.5g Refill
Direction to Use
  • Apply Tetric N-Ceram in layers of max. 2 mm or 1.5 mm (Dentin shade) and contour/adapt the material to the cavity walls using a suitable instrument (e.g. OptraSculpt).
  • Polymerize each layer individually according to the table below. Hold the light emission window as closely as possible to the surface of the restorative material.
Light intensity Exposure time
≥ 500 mW/cm2 20 s
≥ 1‘000 mW/cm2 10 s


Unit Programm Bluephase N Bluephase NM Bluephase NMC
High Power 10 s 15 s 15 s
Soft Start 15 s —— ——
Low Power ——- —— ——
  • Finish the restoration with suitable finishers or fine diamonds. Subsequently, check the occlusion. Polish with silicone polishers (e.g. OptraPol).



 Tetric N-Ceram is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite based on nano-optimized technology for direct restorative procedures.

It can be universally applied to restore teeth in the anterior and posterior region. Its nano-optimized filler technology is responsible for the material’s unique chameleon effect and natural esthetic results. Tetric N-Ceram demonstrates an exceptionally high level of radiopacity and thus significantly facilitates the diagnosis of secondary caries.

Tetric N-Ceram is available in 18 shades – 11 enamel, 3 dentin, 1 incisal and 3 bleach shades. It is supplied in both syringes and Cavifils. The Tetric N-Ceram shade range comprises eleven universal materials. Depending on the requirements, they can be combined with three Dentin, one Transpa or three Bleach shades.

Additional information


(T) Transparent, A1, A2, A2 DENTIN, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, BLEACH (I), BLEACH (L), BLEACH (M), C2, C3