Dental Avenue Avueprep



Dental-Avenue Avueprep Syringe 3g:

  • 1 x 3g Syringe

Dental Avenue Avueprep Syringe 6g:

  • 1 x 6g Syringe

100 in stock




  • Removes smear layer and softens the dentin & eases the removal of calcifiedobstructions.
  • Urea Peroxide interacts with Avuechlor produces Oxygen bubbles which flushes out the debris .
  • EDTA reacts with calcium deposits & softens the canal walls and hence helps rapid cleansing and enlargement of canals.
  • Lubricates instrument movement, eliminates instrument binding and breakages.
  • Unclogs dentinal tubules, and apical area, allows better penetration and easier&placement of root canal medicaments and fillings in the canals.
  • Chelates calcium from calcified root canal
  • Softens infected Dentine
  • Helps widening and shaping the canals
  • Best suited for Debridement in root canal
  • Removes smear layer
  • Antibacterial effect in the canal
  • Helps clearance of Dentinal tubules & Apical area


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